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BillDesk and Readerís Digest Partnership

Reader's Digest is the largest selling magazine in the world, reaching almost 100 Million people, in 21 Languages, 50 Editions - its 80 year old popularity depends on careful selection and editing of articles, which the editors know from experience, will give a good read.

The Readerís Digest India is Indiaís largest selling English Monthly Magazine, published by Living Media India Limited and sells over 400 thousand copies.

You can now make payments for your Readerís Digest subscription, in a simple and convenient manner using your BillDesk account and avail a 46% discount. Just subscribe and the amount will get debited from your specified bank account - and your monthly magazine will be delivered at your doorstep!

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    How do I get started with the BillDesk service?

    To subscribe to the Readerís Digest Magazine, you need to be registered with the BillDesk service. You can register online with BillDesk in three simple steps as described below. Please keep your chequebook handy to complete the registration:

    Step 1. Complete the Registration form by providing BillDesk with your personal profile and contact information, and selecting a unique user name and password.

    Step 2. Complete the Payment authorisation form by fur